“Fast Retailing” – Our company name incorporates our passion to provide customers with the products they want swiftly and smoothly. At Fast Retailing we are striving to improve people’s lives by changing society for the better, through the value of clothing and positive corporate contributions to the community. This ideal is summed up by our core business philosophy, “Changing clothes. Changing conventional wisdom. Change the world.”


UNIQLO is an innovative new global enterprise. By providing high-quality clothing, we can change people’s lifestyles and aim to change the world. UNIQLO thoroughly values the principles within the company to achieve management excellence. As a new type of global enterprise, UNIQLO is growing rapidly. Starting from Japan, it has developed to the United Kingdom, France, China, South Korea, Russia and other countries in the world.


The first UNIQLO in Hong Kong opened in September 2005. Due to the great demand from local residents and global tourists, Hong Kong’s shopping economy is booming in various Asian markets. Including the Macau branch opened in 2013, the number of stores in Hong Kong and Macau has grown steadily to 30.


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