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“We do with diversity and professionalism”


Eventist was founded in Hong Kong in 2007 and there are total 5 subsidiary offices in China and the greater bay area. We are a full-service event company headquartered in Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide top-of-the-line, integrated event marketing services for our clients. We are specialists in event planning, coordination and production.


Eventist has cultivated a strong reputation among the local business community for delivering innovative event marketing services of the highest standard. We serve some of the Hong Kong’s largest and most prestigious companies with event solutions to inspire and energize the attending public.


There are teams of seasoned and driven professionals behind this extraordinary success. Eventist’s core values of diversity and teamwork are evident in our services and represented in two golden hexagons that comprise our logo.

Join us to plan your next remarkable event together and discover a new level of success!


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