KPay Merchant Service Limited

Established in July 2020 and headquartered in Hong Kong, KPay Merchant Service Limited (“KPay”) is a financial technology (fintech) company focusing on providing integrated business solutions, and offering professional and innovative products to enhance the market competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Asia Pacific region. KPay solutions were launched in early 2021, covering online and offline fintech services including electronic payment platforms and user management products. With the support of a top-notch technology development team, the Company strives to improve the functionality of various products to cater to the needs of merchants and help them maximise business performance. KPay is abreast of market trends in different regions where its highly experienced sales and after-sales teams provide merchants with a range of business logistics support timely, enabling MSMEs from different sectors to operate more smoothly and strategically by enhancing their ability in digital technology application, and for the Company to realise its vision of “building a mutually beneficial and synergistic e-finance ecosystem”.

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