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SOCIF is a technology startup under HKSTP incubation, specialized in providing Smart Transport solutions. Our focused technology areas include location-based GIS, AI video analytics and edge computing. SOCIF mainly focuses on Passenger Information Solutions (PIS) such as providing Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Passenger Counting System (PCS), Fleet Management System (FMS) and Traffic Analysis System (TAS) for the Transport sector.


SOCIF has been established for 4 years, with clients ranging from governments, bus operators, minibus operators, metro operators, logistic companies and property management service providers. For example, SOCIF has been involved in an HKD 65 million government contract (i.e. Transport Department of HK) with HKT and Hong Kong Octopus to provide the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) service for 3500+ public green minibus, serving 1.5 million daily passengers. Currently, SOCIF is expanding its PIS solution offerings to overseas countries such as Africa and Brunei.


Products & Service

– Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) solution for shuttle bus services
– Passenger/people counting solutions for transport / indoor
– Fleet Management/Route Optimization service for transport & logistic
– Video analytics solutions using the existing CCTVs
– AI model development for video analytics solutions
– Software/system/mobile app/web-app development
– A mobile app “EasyTransit” for on-demand shuttle bus pooling services in Hong Kong with over 100,000+ user download

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