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Since the beginning, we’ve focused on making people’s lives easier. Genuinely, it’s what drives us. And this hasn’t changed since ESDlife was formed in 2000. Even in those earliest days, we knew that the only way to get people to engage online was for them to trust us. But as everyone knows, trust must be earnt before it is given freely. Fortunately, ESDlife is a collaboration between CK Hutchison and Hewlett-Packard, so we have always been in good standing. You probably know us because of one or more of our three core, transformational business areas. 1. Through our online lifestyle media platforms (,,, we make people’s dreams come true 2. Our health service aggregator ( powered by e-commerce changes lives for the better 3. Our digital solutions ( help brands achieve their goals. What’s more, we are delighted the services have been recognised each year in the form of numerous industry awards. So how did we get to this stage? When ESDlife was established just at the dawn of the new millennium, it was so that people would engage with the government’s then-cutting-edge online portal. For the first time ever, online government services became available, so people in Hong Kong no longer had to queue for hours to register for their marriage certificates – and so much more. No private company had ever been trusted to run a government portal before. And in those far-off days, this was a true innovation. Although we have long since outgrown our original purpose, what remains unchanged is our passion for making the day-to-day that little bit easier. We want people to realise there’s more to life than endlessly searching online for the right service. Let ESDlife do it instead, and get on with the job of living life to the full. If you have the spunk and brains to make a big difference in your life with creative and innovative mindset, come join us now!

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