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Financial Printing and Communications is a niche market catering to the needs of financial and legal institutions. They generally perform compliance document filings, align documentation of clients to requirements of stock markets, provide services in highly secured environments inaccessible to unauthorised stakeholders and more. Services provided in the market include designing, typesetting, translation and printing of documents such as Initial Public Offering (IPO), Circulars, Annual Reports, Announcements and other commercial materials.


Toppan Merrill is the pioneer and trusted partner to the financial, legal and corporate communities for five decades. Through proactive partnerships, unparalleled expertise, continuous innovation and unmatched service, Toppan Merrill delivers a hassle-free experience for capital markets transactions, financial reporting and regulatory disclosure filings, and marketing and communications solutions for regulated and non-regulated industries.


From offices around the world, we deliver secure and custom solutions to our clients depending on their needs. Services include and are not limited to:

• Best-in-class secure communications
• Conference facilities and hospitality services
• Multilingual translation
• Typesetting & proofreading
• Offset & digital printing
• Creative design and concept

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