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AMBIT is the prime City Big Data provider in Hong Kong, we capture accurate geographic information by automatic approach for business users. We carried out most of the large scale territory wided city data capturing project for the government. Our total solution including 3D city data acquisition, post processing, analysis as well as 3D viewing platform. High resolution city data are collected seamlessly through aerial and terrestrial systems developed by our patented technologies using drone, large scale airborne sensors and vehicle/backpack mobile mapping systems (MMS). We expertise in 3D geographic information system (GIS), we developed series of smart city applications ride on our edge of 3D spatial data for tree management, 3D city modelling or autonomous driving etc.; our integrated geospatial solution helps risk management and progress monitoring in city development. Over decade our team had worked together with domain disciplines using innovative geospatial technologies to resolve project challenges both in Hong Kong and internationally. Our smart city solution and data serves wide range of industry in agricultural, environmental, survey mapping, urban planning as well as construction applications where high resolution accurate spatial data is key.

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