EDXTORE, an Education-as-a-Solution (EaaS) EdTech founded and rooted in Hong Kong, brings together talents who have over 20 years of industrial experience in the technology, publishing, and education sector. Edxtore aims to improve the efficiency of teaching, learning, and operations with the help of technology and to teach technology by the means of technology.

As a newborn during COVID-19, edxtore provides an all-in-one post-pandemic O2O education platform, which blends innovative technology with conventional teaching. By supporting online, offline, and mixed modes of learning, we provide varying cost-effective and high-quality packages and resources to students, parents, tutors, schools, as well as learning centres.


We are committed to developing an education platform with self-paced tools that brings convenience to all stakeholders, satisfies the changing needs of learners, and provides a smarter amenity.


In 2022, edxtore has been successfully selected for the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Programme (CIP) and City University of Hong Kong HK Tech 300 Seed Fund Programme.

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