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ILK Learning is a course booking platform which was created to lessen the burden of parents’ excessive workload by streamlining the course searching and booking procedures for parents. In the process, ILK reflects first-hand comments from parents to relevant institutions, thereby enhancing the quality of the private education industry. Through new technology and algorithms, ILK also helps aspiring educators and centres to increase their exposure, promote courses and match students at zero cost.

Founded in early 2019, the ILK Learning course booking platform has worked its way up to become one of Hong Kong’s most prominent technology start-ups. It is dedicated to advancing educational technology in the city and has served over 3,000 families to date. ILK, which stands for “I Love Kids,” works to assist all Hong Kong families, regardless of income, in gaining access to high-quality services and education while addressing the issue of unequal educational treatment.

Using the most recent AI technology, we created a distinctive curriculum search engine to help you avoid the headache of gathering educational information. We encourage parents to keep up with the most recent educational trends by offering hundreds of courses, services, products, and instructional content. All members of the family have access to relevant or potentially interesting courses in the arts, STEM, sports, music, foreign languages, and other fields. Our extensive selection of online courses, in addition to our in-person programmes and services, can help you learn without being constrained by distance in the hopes of establishing a supportive parent network.


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